Bosbouw statistische informatie

Deforestation statistics
Gross deforestation is defined as “the direct and/or induced conversion of forest cover to another type of land cover in a given timeframe”
Bruto ontbossing is gedefinieerd als “de directe en / of indirecte verandering van bosbedekking naar een ander type landbedekking binnen een bepaald tijdsbestek "
Land Use Land Cover Statistics
The main drivers of Deforestations are:
  • Mining
  • Infrastructure
  • Agriculture
  • Urban
Forest cover statistics
Forest definition for Suriname: “Land covered primarily by trees, but also often containing shrubs, palms, bamboo, herbs, grass and climbers, with a minimum tree crown cover of 30% (or equivalent stocking level), with the potential to reach a minimum canopy height at maturity in situ of 5 meters, and a minimum area of 1.0 ha”.
Mangrove statistics
In 2018 and 2019 the GCCA+ Suriname project: “Setting up a mangrove biodiversity monitoring system”, was coordinated by SBB and carried out in a close collaboration with BBS, CELOS, NZCS and NB; during this project data was acquired and analyzed from 11 sampling locations, gaining insight into the state of the mangrove forest cover and its spatial development over recent decades as well as the state of biodiversity therein and its carbon stocking capacity.
FREL statistics
CO2 emissions due to Deforestation and Forest degradation due to Logging activities.